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Pokemon Resort - Clytie the Volcarona by rayna-san Pokemon Resort - Clytie the Volcarona by rayna-san

I hope she is okay >u> I apologize for my horrible handwriting!

Name: Clytie
Nicknames: Cly / Titi/ Sunflower (Parents and younger brother only, as well as significant other if she ever gets one)
Birthday: April 9th
Age: 23
Sex: F
Height/Weight: 5'3 - 160 cm / 113 lb
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

:bulletred:Pokemon:bulletred: Volcarona
:bulletgreen::bulletred:Type:bulletred::bulletgreen: :iconbugtypeplz: / :iconfiretypeplz:
:bulletred:Ability: Flame Body
:bulletorange:Moveset (4 Moves):
:bulletred: Fiery Dance
:bulletred: Sunny Day
:bulletblue: Hurricane
:bulletgreen: Silver Wind

Clytie has a pixie personality, to put it into one word. She is quiet, even when upset, creative (with flowers and clothing materials, i.e. silk, thread, fabric, etc.), loves socializing and keeping up with gossip, and a little impish and playful. But when she is in a down mood she is very antisocial and introverted. She will avoid everyone and she will appear hollow, like she is just going through the motions of things. It’s easy to tell that she is down because her wings lose their natural glow, and appear dull and limp.

:bulletred:Special: Sunflowers
:bulletpink: Likes:
-Sweet leaves (just the leaves themselves, or even tea made from the leaves)
-Chocolate and any type of sweets
-The Beach

-touching non-fire types*
-spoiled fruit
-dead plants
-hostile animals and bugs (flies/killer bees/wasp/red ants etc)
-getting mad or upset*

:bulletorange:Job or Reason why Visiting:bulletorange: Hoping to be the Boss or a Helper at the Flower Stall (either one is okey dokey ^u^b)

Her mother and father were both born on the Seafoam Islands, each on the opposite one of the other. They met by chance in one of the caves that joined the twin isles, and together moved to Cinnabar Island to start a life together. Three years later, after finding the perfect spot near the base of Cinnabar’s volcano to build a home, they had a little baby girl, whom they named Clytie, meaning sunflower.

Clytie grew up to be a very curious girl. She was always looking at plants, particularly flowers. The island was abundant with flowers that could withstand heat, which was good for her since she was born with the ability Flame Body, which caused most plants to wither under her touch.
But despite her curiosity, she was always timid around non-fire type children.

Because Cinnabar was so small and secluded, Clytie was boated to a school in Caledon City. She loved the city because it was so abundant with people and life. But one day at school something horrible happened that ended up changing her forever. She was playing with the kids after school, just a fun game of hide and seek, and she got a little too excited while playing, so excited that her body instantly flamed up and burned another little boy, who was a plant-type. The boy was healed, but a scar was forever bore on Clytie’s heart.

Five years after she was born, her parents had her younger brother, whom she adored. She loved him more than any flower, and doted on him. But there was a reason for that doting. It was because he was the only person, except for her parents and a select few, she could touch without burning.

At eighteen she left home and moved to the city to attend botany school. She learned all that she could about flowers and plants so that one day she could open her own shop somewhere. While walking around the city, she happened upon a flier advertising the Pokemon Resort. She saw that the island needed workers, one of which was for the Flower Stall. She had only a few months left of school and was seeking a place to start her own little shop, or even work until then.

Now, as a young woman, Clytie has learned to control her ability, and has put it to good use by tending to the flowers at the Flower Stall. She is still a little cautious with her interactions, and she will shy away from touching others unconsciously.

-She makes her own clothes.
-She doesn’t like to wear orange clothing because it clashes with her wings.
-She doesn't really walk, she hovers. She only walks when she is sad.
-When she is angry her body looks as though its glowing, she will be letting of an immense amount of heat, and her wings look more intense in color. She will also be seen with her knees pulled up and her arms crossed, her wings fluttering to support her. But don't touch her or try to console her! She is gonna be very hot! >n>

-Her name genealogy~Clytie c-ly-tie as a girl's name is pronounced KLY-tee. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Clytie is "bright, lovely one". Mythology: a water nymph in love with Apollo, god of the sun. Clytie was changed into a sunflower, which always turns its face toward the sun.
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